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Utility & Facility Management

Utility and Facility Management are the basic amenities for any commercial setup. Various commercial projects like manufacturing units, factories, hospitals, corporate headquarters, residential clusters, large petrochemical complexes, educational institutes, hotels, airports, and many more require the proper planning and arrangement of the utilities like water supply, drainage, central air conditioning / ducting, fire safety, power supply etc. All the above stated setup require the right installation experience and executions, along with design operating guide and maintenance.

For every project, there are some specifications and limitations regarding the location, availability of the facilities, possibilities, scope etc. Our field experts conduct a properly scheduled surveys and analysis about the location and the margins. The proper design of all the above mentioned Utilities and Facility Management setup is being developed and checked with whole of the robustness. Utilities are very crucial part of any project facility that any ignorance might lead to hazardous situations. So detailed research and for each setup is very important.

Our Consulting services enables to establish a right balance of consumption, monitor the design setup, analyze the wastage at the source and enable to bring the precise solution through auditing, consulting, integration of right technology in a green or brownfield stage in order to have the optimum utilization of the above services and thus enable a win-win scenario for all parties concerned.